Tech demo update 1.1 and news

After just over two weeks of the tech demo release, we have a little update for you! This update is mainly about a few minor fixes, such as Jumpscares and positions of objects. (The full changelog can be found below).
At the moment we are working hard on the first alpha version, which among other things will bring big improvements in graphics. We decided not to do a big story update. In the coming weeks, we will regularly post dev-logs. We’re trying to release the next big update in March or April!

Psychiatrix TechDemo 1.1 build 43 patchnotes

-added some new deco objects

-deleted woman jumpscare in the second part of the first floor
-deleted the key in the first floor (the doors open from the start)
-changed the position of the 2nd axe (secound foor)
-adjusted the size of the fruits in the kitchen
-changed the canteen door now needs the key in the corpse

-fixed deactivated the hanging corpse physics

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